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Not Just Arduino #6 - 17th December 2012 - 12 participants

Many thanks for your contributions. We received 3 logos (2 by Perry, 1 by mentar).

Have a look, leave comments and please keep contributing designs!

For inspiration you can compare to what the other London Hackspace subgroups have done: Music Hackspace logo Video Hackspace logo Graphics Hackspace logo

Subgroups and the New Space layout

We will soon to a new space (not confirmed yet) and if you think our group needs some requirements (like other sub-groups), please contribute to the wiki page:

Arduino Esplora - new Arduino board

Based on the Leonardo, this new board has lots of pre-built sensors (sound, light, and temperature ...), an analog joystick, a three-axis accelerometer and many others features.

Price will be around $54


Replicate the Arduino

The guys from ShrimpIt have developed a really cheap way to build your own Arduino for under a fiver.

Older examples of replicating an Arduino on a breadboard:

Group project Notification Board

Project page:

Contribution from Eugene:

a solution to transmit data wirelessly with Nordic nrf21 chips witch will require a simple server/client setup. Link to tutorial here:

Suggestions, project updates, good links. Please contribute

  • Raspberry Pi / code club link
  • Short talk proposal:

Let's have short talks (15min) at the beginning of session on specific subjects. Please add here you ideas of subjects and tell us if you want to present something.


"Marc: Out of concern for transparency for all members: I have invited to the last event members of a new arduino meetup group I've created with some friends without asking the NJA list first, I have apologised for it. For more info you can read this thread where this issue has been raised and replied to. Feel free to add your comment here or on the NJA list."

Next event

Date: 14th January 2013

Workshop by Eugene:

PCB / etching workshop from concept to prototype:

  • How to build your circuit using Fritzing, make a schematic, and the circuit board diagram.
  • How to prepare a copper-board, add a photo-resist layer, expose, develop, etch and drill