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Minutes of the 2011 Annual General Meeting of the Hackspace Foundation.

  • The meeting is commenced at 20:12 BST on Wednesday 27th July 2011.
  • In attendance:
    • Andrew Black
    • Andrew Brockhurst
    • Gianni Ceccarelli
    • Martin Clarke
    • Andrew Mark Cousins
    • Martin Dittus
    • Stephen Early
    • Russ Garrett (Chairman)
    • Chris Henson
    • Nicholas Large
    • Robert Leverington (Secretary)
    • Chris Mear
    • Will Pearson
    • Philip Roy
    • Alex Smith
    • Billy Smith
    • Mark Steward
    • Jonty Wareing
    • Elliot West
    • Alexander Wright
    • Tom Wyatt
  • It is resolved that the name of the company be changed to London Hackspace Ltd.
  • It is resolved
    1. That the directors are authorised to create a new organisation for the benefit of all UK hackerspaces.
    2. That any assets held by the company for the benefit of all UK hackerspaces be transferred to the above organisation.
  • It is resolved that the new Articles of Association be adopted.
  • It is resolved that an electronic election be carried out for directors using the Meek STV voting method with a "none of the above" candidate, and that the whole membership be eligible to vote. The voting period shall be 7 days, and the quorum shall be 33% of the membership (rounded down).
  • The meeting is adjourned at 20:18 BST.