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The London Hackspace AGM is this Wednesday 27th November. there is a mailing list thread discussing a resolution:

"that the minimum membership fee is increased from £5 to £10."

I suggested creating this page to help resist this resolution by getting an idea of how many people felt strongly about this. I imagined people would just put their names down, no requirement to put why you oppose (probably a better way of doing this (a list of reasons on the wiki?) on here or the mailing list.

Members opposed to the resolution

  • I, Heather Sullivan, am very much opposed to the rise in prices in the current economic situation. The price rise will not magically make "bad" members go away and will possibly make "good" members go away instead.
  • I, Seyi Ogunyemi, am also opposed. I only stop by about once a year as I don't live close-by. While I'm currently happy to support the space, an increase would make that untenable.
  • I can see arguments for & against changing what attending members pay, but I'm most concerned that we might lose a lot of non-attending members, who are actually only supporting without using any resources. I think we stand to lose more than we gain.--Artag (talk) 10:43, 26 November 2013 (UTC)

Proxy voting

  • Find someone going to the AGM you'd like to proxyvote for yourself
  • Email trustees at from the email address you use as your hackspace login stating:
    • your full name,
    • who you'd like to nominate as your proxy voter and say it's at the AGM
    • optionally, your vote, although this can be kept confidential between you and your proxy voter before the actual voting
    • and postal address as given in your membership details

Note there is a bit of debate about if it's necessary to give the postal address as Section 1. Address definition of the Articles gives you the option for postal or (registered with hackspace) email address in this case as it's electronic communications.

The full legal version of proxy notices, is in Section 18 of the Articles


Definitely Going

Willing to Take a proxy vote

  • Tim Reynolds - tim at

Reluctant to attend

Unable to attend