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Timour Chomilier (Cpt.Prime)


It’s safe to say that my day-to-day was very different before I stumbled upon the Hackspace. It had been 6 months since I moved to London from Rome. Don’t get me wrong, Rome had cheap alcohol, but there was absolutely nothing like Hackspace there, barely any community that thrived off creating awesome project in such an open way.

I’m putting myself forwards for election as Hackspace trustee because I understand the broader goals of the Hackspace. I may not be the longest standing member, but I totally respect and believe in what we want to do and how we want to achieve it. This respect I have for the Space means I understand how the pieces need to fit together - from finances to regulation - each component is pivotal to us remaining a community that can continue to do awesome things together.

We’re continuing to grow, but with growth comes the need for a clear sense of direction to keep the community a community, who still has the opportunity to thrive from one another.

Martin Clarke (Crypt)


I'm a games programmer by trade, but try to take an interest in most of the things that go on at the space. I've been a member of London Hacksapce for nearly 6 years now, and before that I was always watching how the community grew, and what its turned into now is something far beyond what anyone could have imagined. I'm standing as a trustee because I believe that I can improve the already fantastic Hackspace community. I have seen the great work that has been put in by the current trustees and want to contribute what I can to further and improve that.

Having the amazing tools we do is a privilege that we can always expand on, with the new lasercutter and the 3D printer are always going to bring people in, but what keeps them around is the atmosphere in the place, and helpfulness of those around. As we've grown, we find that a lot of us who knew everyone in a small community, now find lots of new faces, and even old faces who aren't as familiar to us. I think expanding upon the new member experience, and trying to plan more social events as well as helping others to plan events in the space are essential to helping integrte the community more.

Paddy Duncan (padski)


I’ve been a member for 4 years now and have seen the membership more than triple. I am continually amazed how plain common sense can prevail and such a disparate community thrive with minimal governance. My vision of the future of the space is for it to maintain this freedom as the membership grows to unprecedented levels, to retain its independence from political and commercial interests, and remain an example of what can be achieved when applying these principles. I see it as a positive force of self organisation rather than a business, not requiring top-down management nor enforced agendas, although the occasional reminder of the responsibility we all share may be required. Being a Hackspace trustee is about articulating the needs of the membership, not making executive decisions, except when absolutely necessary. I offer no agenda to be forgotten post-election nor politics, but instead adapt to the will of the membership wherever possible while using my experience as a trustee and as a maker for many years to advise, be they personal projects or organisational proposals, on the practicalities of the ideas and limitations of our resources. My goal is to enable the space to continue its role in facilitating the needs of the membership with maximum availability and minimum fuss.

Dean Forbes


I feel the workshop needs solid representation by people who are pragmatic and understand how it works, I believe I can talk the talk and do walk the walk

I am active in the workshop and have historically been focused in the metal area,

The CNC frame, the BBQ and brazier in the yard are my creations. I do a fair bit of wood work some laser cutting, bit of Arduino and some radio-"M6ZDF" so have touch points in many domains,

I am a keen photographer, I like to take pictures of people creating mainly physical objects in the space

I believe in a well equipped workshop and responsible use of the equipment, I like to learn and also like to share what knowledge I have.

I have many years’ experience in this domain in a professional and personal capacity and have delivered the changes required to enable this at what I regards as a premier model engineering club that dates back to 1898, I feel I have the skills required to guide and nurture the organisation going forward

I believe I have a connection with an underrepresented segment of the community and will continue to reach out to and support these groups and others,

I am robust and not afraid of a challenge and deliver regularly, I am human too :-) as those who know me will tell you, I will also admit it when I have got it wrong. Good Luck to my peers in the election,

Tom Hodder (tolland)


I have been involved with the Biohacker group since joining the hackspace in 2013. As a group the biohackers have managed to achieve a fantastic amount since the move into Hackney Road. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of that and I like to think that I have made some important contributions to our achievements.

I think it’s obvious that running a hackspace and buying new equipment is expensive, however as a community of over a thousand hackers we can spread the cost between many, making it possible for us to make and do interesting things.

As a trustee I’d like to help by promoting and encouraging projects that develop technical, scientific and artistic skill, and by working to bring new kit to the space, and by providing the resources to maintain the existing tools.

I am currently giving training sessions for the Ultimaker printers we have on loan, and I’d like to see a system of training to enable all members to have regular access to all the tools.

I love that the London Hackspace is a members run organization, and I think it’s important that trustees and regular members get involved in dealing with day to day issues relating to core infrastructure. I am at the hackspace most Wednesday and Sundays and can usually be found in the biolab.

I look forward to helping make the hackspace even more great than it currently is!

Fabio Pironti


I'm Fabio aka VjKlat or more recently Just FaB. Professional dismantler since early age, my toys didn’t had any secrets for me …. Most of the times I could remount it all back as before or better. We now call it HACKING Visual Artist since the end of last millennium ;) performing in club as VJ in many countries. Maker as well, a lot before than the 3d printers. Hack Space Member since the old location. When I step in, immediately loved the concept. Personally, I always considered Hack Space as A PLACE WHERE IDEAS CAN GET REAL, not only for the tools you can find, but also for the possible interaction between members and knowledge. That’s why I put my name in this year, trying to help the Community when/where/if I can. As a fact I could be the most reachable trustee once my bus, an idea that got real in HackSpace, is just beside the classroom wall. You can find me @ HackSpace or @ Just FaB if you want to meet me in person.

Blanca Regina


Hi I´m Blanca Regina. I'm currently involved in creating audiovisual performances, music, installations and film.

I will like to be a trustee because I think this is a position that needs to rotate, to whoever likes and loves Hackspace. For keeping up a positive attitude, the good work and maintain a clean and organized space. I think that to keep the space mantainance and to try to help whoever that needs a hand or guideline its essential. Im up for it! If I know about anything I will first make a cup of tea, I will listen and I'll try to refer you to the best ways of sorting out an idea or case.

I joined Hackspace in May 2012, and since then I feel very gratefull and close to what happens. I have met amazing people and I'm glad about it. I joined Music Hackspace and worked with the group for a couple of years curating the evening of live performances at Troyganic. I recently left the group looking forward to focus at some other initiatives. Since we moved to the new space and mostly for the last 8 months I've been focused in the Darkroom project and lately at the buildup of the Darkroom downstairs. I'm very excited about how this its turning out. Im becaming a master making tea. See you soon in the space.

Philip Roy (cepmender)


My name is Phil Roy, my IRC handle is cepmenderer. As a long standing member and former trustee I have a good grasp of the internal workings of the hackspace. My diplomatic and sensitive approach to members issues is well known. I care deeply about the hackspace and the community that has sprung up within it and would be proud once more to take a more active part in its running.

Henry Sands (Yetifiasco)


Hi, I'm that guy that does the laser cutter training and those LAN parties.

I want to try and bring a core understanding of individual ownership to the hackspace, to make people feel they are a part of a community (with all the responsibilities that entails) rather than just seeing it as cheap place to use tools and wifi, helping to improve how the space runs on a daily basis by keeping it clean and welcoming.

I have organized cleaning/fixing days in the past and will continue to do so regardless of trusteeship, but I also want to promote and provide a framework to show others that they can do this too.

Tool maintenance/training is also a ~cool thing~ and needs a lot of love, an improvement on the adopt-a-spanner program is desperately needed as there are roughly 5 tools out of the $lots we have that are properly maintained and only one that provides constant, regular training sessions.

Andy Tidman


Hi I'm Andy some of you already know me but for those who don't here is a little backgrounand info: I come from the local area and have lived in Hackney all of my life. It is great to see such a great place in East London. I have worked in many fields of industry from woodwork, engineering to computing and a Trustee for the Wally Foster Center.

I am always willing to help people with their projects as I have now retired and have the time to dedicate to the smooth running of the space. Also I can help with the maintenance of some of the equipment, to take on more to keep a greater upkeep of the fantastic kit that we have. I found the London Hackspace at the right time in my life, lately I had been wondering where I could pass on the knowledge that I had learned regarding woodwork, engineering and other areas. Someone introduced me and I have never looked back, it's only been five months but I feel like I have always been here. We have great facilities whether you are a newbie, need help with what youorking on or just wanted somewhere (like a practical allotment) where you could use your gift/talents in a place like taking a trip down memory lane. It's like have a giant man (person) cave spread over two floors plus the space outside in the yard.

Simon Vans-Colina (simonvc)


Hi, I'm Simon. I joined the Hackspace in the very early days, when we used to meet at the Hub in Islington, and later above the archery range. I disappeared for a few years and hung out at Labitat in Denmark before returning 3 years ago. Since i got back, the Hackspace has become a huge part of my life, It's where i founded CryptoCLASS with my partner Sara, and London Aerospace with Tom Greer and Tom Sands. I'm "simonvc" on IRC and @simonvc on twitter. I live 5 minutes walk away (Between Hoxton station and Haggerstion park) and work in Shoreditch for a hacker friendly startup building a bank.

Charles Yarnold (solexious)


Hello, I’m Charles, you might know me as Solexious, or “hay go talk to that guy, he knows about the lasercutter”.

I’ve been a hackspace member since before we had our first physical home. I’ve been a trustee too since we found our first one. I’ve watched and helped grow the space from a few tools and a makerbot in a drafty damp loft above an archery range with 50 members, to the 1250-ish members we have today.

I would like to be re-elected to the board as I feel I have served the community well and would like to continue to do so. I enjoy helping the community in my role, though it can be tough, dealing with issues from a neutral position can result in all sides calling you biased, but finding the middle ground that can help the space to move forward to a better place is rewarding no matter the less pleasant parts of being a trustee.

I don’t have a manifesto of what I will change if re-elected. Trustees rarely have enough free time to work on their own projects with the amount we deal with on a day to day basis, so I like to think that I help others improve the space how they would like, and do some myself where I can.

I hope you vote for me to return, also the obligatory “A vote for Solexious is a vote for a working lasercutter” joke :)