Pallet truck

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High lift pallet truck
Model Similar to Sealey PT1170H
Status Newly acquired. Needs checking before use
Consumables hydraulic oil, occasionally
Training requirement yes
Training link Media:PT1170H_V2.pdf
ACnode no
Owner LHS
Origin Auction, secondhand, via Artag
Location Mobile
Maintainers Artag (until someone else takes it over)


Max weight 1000kg

Especially note instructions about lifting height. The truck is designed not to move when extended.

The high lift feature only works on pallets with an open bottom : often, this means you can lift it from the end but not the side. It is also possible to set a pallet up on spacers so the truck can go fully underneath. If the forks are inserted into a closed pallet, lifting above the minimum needed to move it will tear the pallet apart.