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Paterson Auto Colortherm

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Paterson Auto Colortherm
Model Paterson Auto Colortherm
Sub-category Darkroom
Status Good working order
Last updated 23 November 2016 21:28:41
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Owner Alexander Baxevanis
Origin Long term loan
Location Darkroom
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This is essentially a temperature controlled bath and a set of drums, film processing tanks and bottles that help you develop film (C-41, E6) & prints (RA-4) in a stable temperature (usually around 38 degrees celsius).

Depending on what you want to use it for, there are multiple ways to set it up - see the manual below for detailed instructions.

It can process up to 8x10" size prints using the small drum and 12x16" size prints using the large drum.


Download the manual (PDF)

Operation tips & notes

  • DON'T PLUG IN AND SWITCH ON WITHOUT WATER - you'll burn the heating element
  • Put the bath somewhere stable and don't move it while full, it's got 10L (10kg) of water inside
  • Keep a thermometer dipped in the bath to keep an eye on the temperature
  • If you load the bath with cold water, it will take at least 1hr to warm up to the proper temperature. Try to mix cold & hot water to get the bath close to the right temperature from the beginning, and then just let the heater maintain that temperature. Try 2x2L jugs of cold water and 3x2L jugs of hot water as a starting point.