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Pledge leader: Tom Hodder

We have a Dremel press, and a bunch of accessories, but apparently no working Dremel at the moment.

I saw a thread on the mailing list, and someone asked me down in the workshop, where we keep the Dremels now. It seems a pretty important bit of kit for certain projects, especially if you are making PCBs, so I am starting a pledge to get another one.


  • Drilling pcb holes
  • Finishing cylindrical holes in 3d printed objects (for bolts and rods etc)
  • Removing support material from 3d printed parts
  • For detailed work, e.g. polishing
  • Light cutting with disk

Given they are a fairly lightweight bit of kit for the sort of use the hackspace is likely to put it to, I am open to suggests on which model and (alternative) brand might be best for the purpose. I've kicked off the pledge with £20


See What to use for PCB Drilling?, Electro Tech forum.


Approximate target: £75

Total pledged: £35.00

Once the pledge has been met please pay your pledge amount into the Hackspace account with ref DREMEL2015 then add "paid" next to your name below.

Total paid: £0

See also

  • Equipment/Shapeoko2, which can be programmed to do exactly what we need with much better precision. <-- this assumes the only use case for the dremel is for pcb drilling, or other very light CNC milling/drilling. However another good use for a dremel is for finishing of 3d printed parts. Especially ones that have cylindrical holes for rods and bolts.. Here is an example of a build of the which required lots of dremelling to fit together... Openpump build video