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Pledge: 3D Scanner

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Picture of the item

We are looking at purchasing a Photon 3D scanner for the space

This scanner is now available from the Matter & Form Store

Pledge leader: Mark Steward

Mailing list thread

The item

Budget estimation

  • The item itself: CAD 399 = £260
  • VAT @ 20%: £52 (est)
  • Postage and packing: £52 (est)
  • Conversion: £10 (est)
  • Total: £374
  • 10% leeway: £411


  • A working 3D scanner. Unlike the one we have.
  • High resolution scan created with a high definition camera and dual lasers.
  • Easy folding design makes storage or transport simple.
  • Quick scans. Multiple quality settings can be chosen but an average scan is 3 minutes.
  • Looks awesome. Shoots lasers.
  • Scan objects up to 190mm x 190mm x 250mm (7.5" diamter x 9.75" height)
  • Dual stepper motors for full software control over the scan bed and the z-axis.
  • See the point cloud being captured in real time!
  • Full version of software included for PC or Mac (Linux currently in beta).
  • .STL, .OBJ, and point cloud .PLY formats


Running total: £245

Approximate target: £374