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Pledge: Battery Spot Welder

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Battery Spot Welder

We are looking at purchasing a Battery Spot Welder for the space

Pledge leader: Jon

The item

  • (or equiv)
  • The Battery Spot Welder can be used to weld individual battery cells together in to packs. This will allow members to build their own custom battery packs to their own specific shape and size, and also re-purpose second hand cells, extracted from old equipment, in to usable packs.
  • The welder connects the cells together with nickel strips, which is a consumable for the welder. These will have to be purchased separately. The welder comes with some samples initially.
  • It will work with most cell types, NiMH and LiPo.

Budget estimation

  • We suggest buying a Chinese unit from eBay. See FleaBay link above.
  • It has adjustable current and replaceable electrodes.
  • They are about £100 delivered.


  • £10 -- Jon Russell
  • £10 -- Mentar - PAID
  • £10 -- Des Quilty - PAID
  • £5 -- cepmender
  • £25 -- Billy Smith - PAID
  • £10 -- artag - PAID
  • £10 -- Dean Forbes PAID
  • £10 -- Liam Lynch - PAID
  • £10 -- Darryl Slynes - PAID (By Liam on his behalf)
  • £10 -- Andy Tidman - PAID (By Liam on his Behalf)
  • £10 -- Patrick Dent - PAID
  • £15 -- Alex McConnachie = PAID

Pledge total: £120

Paid: £120

Use the bank transfer reference : "BATTERY WELDER"