Pledge: CCC2015 Village Tent

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Pledge : Tent for UK Village at CCCCamp2015

Pledge leader: Nick

What do

We need to sort out tent rental for the UK village at CCC this year. CCC's deadline for organising a tent is June 20th so the pledge will need to be complete before then, we will also need to collect the pledge quickly after that so we can send the money in a cost-effective way.

How Much?

We're looking at a 6x6m tent for 982€ including a wooden floor. In addition, we'll probably want some chairs (2.5€ each) and tables (25€ each).

A rough calculation puts this at ~£800 (for 6x6 tent, 3x tables,10x chairs).


Running Total: £815 + €20 Target: £786 + €20