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Pledge: CCTV Server

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We are looking at purchasing a better small computer to use for managing the webcams/CCTV for the space. Pledge opened: 27/5/1024

Pledge leader: Jasper

We need

  • Decent CPU, should be much better than an Atom D410, see here.
  • Motherboard MUST have a pci slot to take the current capture card
  • Motherboard must have at least 2 x sata connectors.
  • Ethernet, we don't care about wifi.
  • If you can find or donate a cheap pci-e capture card with 5+ channels we can do that instead, it must work with linux.
  • decent ish case that can take 2 x 3.5 in sata drives as a minimum.
  • needs to be fairly small since it has to go up on the wall by the backdoor due to cable length restrictions.

Budget estimation

  • £203.40


  • 8 x Pal video capture -> 2 x 500Gb drives mirrored.

Additional information

  • will make the webcams on the website work again.
  • +1 to the hackspace's defence rating


Running total: £25

Target: £203.40