Pledge: Replacement De Walt Table Saw

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the De Walt has put up with a lot of (ab)use over the years, and it's a valuable tool, and at present, we don't have any safe and operational table saws in there (Andy says the Charnwood is awaiting AC node)

I had another look at the De Walt last night, to see if I could get it working.

The electrical switch enclosure with the safety fuses was completely caked in sawdust, this was easily removed. I confirmed that 240V was indeed getting to the motor terminals. The motor is dead, and is not available as a spare part. The saw is missing a riving knife (I've never seen it in the wood shop), the user manual insists that this is important safety equipment. The riser for the blade is not moving smoothly.

I agree. Time for a replacement, like-for-like, new-for-old, so I propose a new pledge. I have projects to work on that need a working table saw, so let's see if we can get it sooner, rather than later.


A replacement, with all usual parts, can be had, delivered for £399.

  • Simon Hewison - £150 PAID for entire saw from own funds, will arrange the balance from Hackspace funds after pledges have been collected.
  • Dean - £10
  • Tim Stevens - £15
  • Luke Moody - £30 PAID (Bank transfer, due to arrive on 27th June; reference same as membership fee reference)
  • Paddy Duncan - £20
  • Des Quilty - £15
  • Matt Haynes - £10 PAID (PayPal Donation, 23/06/2016 00:38 BST)
  • Hackspace - £100
  • Richard Tonge - £20 PAID
  • Chris Ward - £15
  • Mike - £15 - PAID

Running total: £400

Since this pledge has reached its target, I've ordered a table saw, we can arrange settling up, presumably via Russ. --Simon Hewison (talk) 16:31, 21 June 2016 (BST)

Please pay your money into the hackspace account and mark it as paid on this page the reference