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Pledge: Tesla Coil

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Everything can be improved with the application of more Tesla coils.

The oneTesla is a singing tesla coil with a built in MIDI interface. More details here:

For £170 we can get a DIY build kit delivered to the space. (This includes £30~ to cover random charges and taxes. I'll cover any shortfall)

This kickstarter closes on 24th January, so ideally we want to have the pledge finished and paid up by the 20th.

Pledge Closed

The kickstarter has been so successful that four rounds of coils have now sold out, and no more are being added. I'll keep an eye on the oneTesla project to see if they ever come back, but I think we can shelve this now. Better luck next time, hackers.


  • The most dangerous doorbell.
  • Tuesday night shens


  • £20 -- CaptainTerrible
  • £20 -- timS - because you know it makes sense
  • £20 -- nigle - because it doesn't make sense, it makes sparks!
  • £10 -- Marc - because it sparks music!
  • £20 -- virtualsue - want

Total: £90

Target: £unknown