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Pledge: Wood Turning

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We are looking at purchasing wood turning equipment for the space.

Pledge opened: 21 Mar 14

The intention will be for most of the parts which require care and attention (the chisels which need sharpening) to be kept in the PL(A)YWOOD lockers.

I have added (and reduced my pledge accordingly):

  • Live Centre
  • Spindle gouge
  • Bowl gouge
  • Parting tool
  • Skew chisel

We really need to add a roughing gouge for more serious work and a chuck.

After this there is a near limitless variety of chisels available. Four of the more common ones would be nice to have.

The wood lathe has a slightly awkward 1" 12tpi right hand spindle and 7/8" 12tpi left hand spindle.

We could use a spindle adapter to change the thread of the spindle from the unusual 1" 12tpi to 1" 8tpi which would allow us to use easier to obtain chucks.

Pledge leader: MartinLee

The items

  • Chuck (~£125)
  • Roughing gouge (£15)
  • Misc. chisels (£80)

Budget estimation



  • £10 -- Blapto
  • £10 -- Will U.
  • £10 -- Robin
  • £10 -- Felix
  • £15 -- Matt H
  • £15 -- Jari V
  • £20 -- (wyan)
  • £20 -- Pseudomonas
  • £20 -- Antonio
  • £30 -- FrankE

Running total: £160

Target: '~£230