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Prestige classic Autoclave

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Prestige Classic Autoclave
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Model Dental Autoclave
Sub-category Biohacking
Status Good working order
Last updated 23 January 2016 16:16:05
Consumables Autoclave tape
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Location Basement, Biohacking lab
Maintainers Biohackers, tolland

This is a medical autoclave and can be used for sterilizing media or deactivation of microbial waste.

It was originally a donation. The depressurization valve was failed, and has been replaced. It has been tested and is working well. please Use Autoclave tape to test before using it for GMO deactivation.


The unit requires a "hot conditions" IEC cable, it's like the normal kettle cable but with a notch... can't use an ordinary IEC cable IEC320-C15-250V.png