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Created 21/07/2020
Members Welshie,

Thomas Greer, Michael Cullen, Mike Chislett,

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Aerostruder build.JPG

To build and fit an E3D aerostruder hotend to one, or both of the Lulzbot Minis. The Aerostruder setup will allow printing with flexible filaments as well as rigid.


  • 3D printed parts created
  • Brass inserts applied
  • Extruder motor mounted
  • Extruder assembly mounted
  • Limit switch mounted
  • wiring harness finished
  • Electrical testing
  • Fitting and alignments, change slicing profiles or E-Steps setting in Marlin firmware if necessary
  • Octoprint / Cura slicing profile for Ninjaflex done. Not perfect, but far better than any Ninjaflex we've printed in a long time.
  • webcam fitted to crump


When doing long extrudes (manually pressing the extrude button with more than 50mm extruded), it has a habit of grinding the filament, which does not occur during regular printing. The cause of this is not yet determined, but shouldn't spoil your fun.

Allen bolts holding the extuder to the machine had worked loose, leaving the extruder to sag against the bed, leading to no extrusion on lower layers. Tightened bolts and re-aligned Z axis minimum. Simon Hewison (talk) 12:05, 5 February 2020 (UTC)

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