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Staubli robot arm
Model RX60L
Sub-category Robotics
Status retired and scrapped
Last updated 4 August 2022 21:26:32
Training requirement None
ACnode no
Owner Robotics group
Origin Donation

Kindly donated to us by Queen Mary University's School of Electronic Engineering & Computer Science was missing arm and power cables. A copy of the original cable was made and used until the failure of the controller - it was then scrapped A generic one was then made up using RJ45 for the encoder cables and SPECON for the servo motors themselves


retired and scrapped


It was driven by an open source controller due to failure of the original controller

  • Robot arm
    • Type: RX60L
    • Reference/machine number: 597411 - 01
    • Fabrication Le F - 12 - 1997
    • Masse kg 42Kg
    • Type 4.1
    • The STMBL along with Messa cards driven by linuxcnc have been used to control the arm, massive support has been received from the open source community (STMBL and LinuxCNC) as well as Messa who did a custom firmware reactivity for us while we were having a hack weekend - great international and multidisciplinary team work.

We have movement

Some photos/videos of the beast

There is a 19 way cable running inside the arm, to allow external signals to be routed to the end effector. This uses a 19 way plug on the wrist joint and base called a Binder Connector.


Gcode demos

Robot startup/shutdown procedure

Technical manual with schematics

Arm Manual

CS7 User Guide

CS7 Electrical Diagrams

Padski's Cable Schematic

The Linux setup on the ARM controller board