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Minutes 2011-12-19 20:41:57


  • Jasper
  • Martin/crypt
  • Russ
  • Nigel
  • Paul2
  • Martind

Site Search Updates

We want to make a decision by 30 January. We have a few sites we can visit shortly. Let's not be complacent and keep contacting the remaining sites. Also still interested in more suggestions we haven't considered yet.

New site score: 3/8/2 (yes/unknown/no.)

Interested candidate sites:

  • Donnington (sometime after 4 Jan, Jasper is going)
  • Debden House ("come and visit sometime Mo-Fr", Paul2 can't go before Christmas, others welcome to take over)
  • Long Marston Airfield (week of 16 Jan, excluding 17th. Beeny will go, Martin/crypt is interested in joining. Russ suggests we should try visiting earlier, or at least check the questions below sooner.)

Main questions we want to ask:

Point out that:

  • we're a non-profit, and very nice people
  • ...?

Have a look at Site Requirements if you end up having more time for questions, these will be interesting to know but aren't strictly needed yet.


  • Mersey youth camp (Martin crypt): will hear back on 1 Jan
  • Charvil (Martin crypt) - not responded after three phone calls
  • Observatory science centre (jonty) -- gone. Only one event allowed per year.
  • Upper Heyford (jonty) -- don't know status. Beenie said he would take over.
  • Bovington (Paul) -- said no.
  • Hainult (Mark) -- ?
  • Whitchurch (mark) -- ?
  • Newbury West (martind, handing over to Martin/crypt) -- no response
  • Matterley (Charles) -- ?
  • Tolmers Camp Site (Alec) -- ?


  • Jasper to call Ruckus
  • Russ to publish first google form to gauge community interest
  • Paul2 to make quick site status table
  • Martin: post minutes, and remind people that we're interested in more venue suggestions
  • Beenie, Mark, Charles, Alecjs: update on venue statuses

We expect until we have a site there won't be that much work to distribute just yet.

Next meetings

  • Mo 26 Dec 2011 (boxing day), 8pm on IRC.
    • Agenda: Recap tasks and site statuses. More venue suggestions?
  • Mo 2 Jan 2012 (New year's bank holiday?) at Mason & Taylor