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Sounds fun. Might want to call it openspectro. There are lots of different types of meter.

In terms of the competition, I worry about lack of need for a mobile power supply, unless we can get this thing carry-able? Also what is the light source?

We could also think about if we can make cheaper cuvettes somehow. I'm thinking slides and hot glue (as long as the light doesn't shine through it, it should be okay) --Eb4890 10:59, 7 March 2011 (UTC)


I much prefer your name. I may re-name the project later. Creative names are not my strong suit.

I think a mobile power supply would be easy enough to incorporate. Power demand can be made very low by making judicious decions. A small motor to move the grating (low power), micro-controller electronics (can be engineered to be low power) and a light source can be switched to a white LED.

Microscope slides are a very good idea too, and something I'd certainly like to try! The beam would have to pass through in my design, so we'd need a way to make sure there is enough beam path to collect decent amounts of signal. A cuvette is no too-expensive and very well designed for the job. We can experiment with finding alternatives, however for R&D it may be worth the expense.

--Ciarán 7/03/2011