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I'm going to try and organise a group to renovate the Quiet Room over Christmas and New Year. I'm off work from the 21st of December through to the 7th of January so ideally I'd like to get it done during that time frame. Contributions of labour and ideas welcome.


  • Replace all of the ceiling tiles and push the CAT5E kraken back into the void.
  • Check all of the fluro tubes and replace broken ones.
  • Clean up / fill the various holes and damage to the walls.
  • Paint everything nondescript B&Q value white with a bunch of rollers.
  • Check and repair all of the network points. Add more if needed.
  • Check and fix all of the power points. Add more if needed.
  • Put some cheap Argos/IKEA/Whatever roller blinds over the end windows so that we can black out the room for presentations.