Tramiel Amiga 1200

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Hackspace Unknown.png
Model A1200
Sub-category Computer
Status Unknown
Consumables Time and Souls
Accessories PSU, Joysticks, Mouse, Null Modem Cable, Small Composite screens, Composite switch box
Training requirement no
Owner tenyen
Location Above vending machine
Maintainers tenyen

Quick entry so it doesn't get rage disposed.

More details coming soon.

To use it just switch it on (switch in large beige PSU), when finished switch it off after doing a reset (CTRL-LeftAmiga-RightAmiga).

It currently boots up into Workbench and then into IK+

Going to stash a Compact Flash and PCMCIA adapter for adding games.

If its getting in your way contact me, and if your feeling very motivated you could tidy it away with the other consoles under the big TV.