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Musician, computer technician, insomniac, with lots of points in J.o.T.

My communication skills are good and in constant use...

Projects include:





Projects/Bicycle Trailer


Templates/Maintenance Tool Kit

Last Year:

I improvised a water-cooling system for drilling granite. It's made out of duct tape and scrap plastic! :D

I shot a video as part of the Hack The Media workshop Workshops/hackthemedia

You can find it here... [1]

I built two bike trailers from rubbish useful raw materials recycled from skips.

With LUKE and Chris the Hipster, we built a furnace that can heat mild steel to the sparkly stage, and aluminium to pourability.

We used this with 3d-printed forms to sand-cast new components for the mini-lathe. Nice combination of ancient and modern techniques, both high-tech and low. :D

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