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Current Arduino Projects

I've just started out with Arduino, here is a list of stuff I'm currently working on...

  • yet another LED clock thing, but with a graphic EQ display, speakjet talking clock capabilities, fetching yahoo weather and displaying an icon according to what the weather will be, etc. Here's a photo of the project so far...

Planned Arduino Projects

Next up is a family of cube shaped lights each with a pro-mini arduino, 3-axis accelerometer and super bright R,G and B leds. Mummy light will have an RF transmitter and baby lights will have RF receivers.

You change the colour brightness of Mummy light by shake/twist/turn. It tells the kiddies what to do and they then follow the mums RF-transmitted instructions and get their colours and brightnesses in line when prodded.

All powered via some proper rechargeable LiPo batteries and some clever powersaving switches that can put the stuff into sleep mode after an idle time.



  • london-hackspace [at]
  • bradwood- on irc

--Bradwood (talk) 11:23, 26 February 2013 (UTC)