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Gold Member


Known as: Phil

Full Name: (the one my mum gave me) Philip Roy

IRC: cepmenderer

Twitter: @cepmender

Facebook: Philip Roy

Youtube: 56lvi56

Telephone: 077 8851 xxxx (7770/6)*2 (Work it out!)


What do I Do?

All sorts of interesting things and quite a few that are not.


Many and various*

  • Note to self, must get round to documenting some of it.

What do I like?

Food, Beer, Awesomeness and Fun.

How can I help?

I am always impressed by the sheer variety of skills and depth of knowledge that is possessed collectively by fellow members of the LHS and their patience and willingness to share with others. Below, find some of the things that I know about and am likewise very happy to share.

Things that I know a lot about:-

Mechanical things, how they work and what they are made of.

Electrical equipment and repairs/maintenance of same.

Tools (hand and power) generally, their safe use, care and maintenance.

DIY/Home improvement type activities.

Radio communications.

Bicycles and light motorcycles.

Auto electrical installation/repair.


Programming and repair of MTS2000 and related radio equipment.

Health and safety issues. (I often fail to take my own advice but I do know what "should" be done)

Things I know a bit about:-

Electronics (my practical making skills are good but there are a lot of holes in my knowledge of theory)


Car maintenance

Air Navigation

Things I know nearly nothing about:-

You may be better off asking next doors cat about the stuff in this list :)


Swiss foreign policy

Apple (TM) equipment and software

Eastern religions


Arduino STOP PRESS: I am reading a book about these, this item may soon move to "Things I know a bit about"


Networking hardware and software

Baroque orchestra instruments


Association Football

C, C+, C++, Python, Java, Cobol, PHP, Fortran, or <insert name of obscure language here>