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1. The old networking cabinet, replaced by the larger one above the sofa (Sci has called dibs on this unless someone has a un-noted prior claim) - Removed by Sci, June 19th
2012-06-09 14.12.35.jpg
2. A couple of old bike wheels
Junk 2012-05-24 21.49.03.jpg
I've just pringled a wheel - if there's a 27" alloy front wheel there I'll take it please. - artag There are plenty there. Help yourself. It's what they are there for. - Billy
3. A cannon turret this can be chucked according to tgreer
Junk 2012-05-24 21.51.20.jpg
4. A box of random stuff belonging to Hipster and Tom W (the pipes have already been chucked)
Junk 2012-05-24 21.53.02.jpg
5. Some metal belonging to "Quimmus" with no expiry date sacrificed to the plasma cutter
Junk 2012-05-24 21.53.53.jpg
6. A CNC mill frame belonging to Olfin at Olfin's request, the DNH date will be extended a couple of weeks
Junk 2012-05-24 21.58.07.jpg
7. Some more random bits, including a garden hose
Junk 2012-05-24 21.58.14.jpg
"there's an antenna there that can be binned" -tgreer 21 June
8. Some metal railings
Junk 2012-05-24 22.00.17.jpg
These are good quality mild steel. If they are not claimed by anyone in particular, then please put them in the metal stock. -Billy
9. Some wood off-cuts
Junk 2012-05-24 22.01.35.jpg
Removed by owner (Phil) - I had forgotten that they were here!....
10. A "robot" belonging to hipster
Junk 2012-05-24 22.03.08.jpg
11. A lightbox that was meant to be finished by February
Junk 2012-05-24 22.07.10.jpg
12. Amit's speaker boxes, which were given reprieve in the last junk-space given the heave-ho over the balcony
Junk 2012-05-24 22.11.48.jpg
13. Some random wood
Junk 2012-05-24 22.15.12.jpg
14. Some random card
Junk 2012-05-24 22.15.36.jpg
15. Chicken wire this has been donated to the space
Junk 2012-05-24 22.16.46.jpg
16. A pile of wood belonging to Jacob
Junk 2012-05-24 22.29.01.jpg
17. PaulR's projector stand. This was in the last junk-space apparently this is used regularly, so will get a new DNH sticker
Kept 2011-11-02 20.14.04.jpg
18. An amount of bikes, DNH'd to 'signal', no email to list, no contact details
IMG 2501.JPG
IMG 2502.JPG
This isn't just Signal's bikes. The bike at the front belongs to someone who is parking their bike in the workshop. The frame behind that is Signal's. There are a set of matching wheel's that are to be installed. There are also two of my turbines, which i will remove when i've got the trailer finished, hopefully before Sunday. They used to be installed on the balcony. There are a few bent/damaged wheels, that need dismantling for components/raw materials. There are also some functional wheels, that just need put away on the rack. - Billy
19. Assorted junk blocking access to members shelving, no visible DNH to check
IMG 2503.JPG
This pile is mine. Awaiting trailering away. I'll finish the trailer soon. The blue thing is the bike stand. - Billy
20. A tray of random parts
IMG 2504.JPG
These aren't just random parts. They were donated to me by one bike shop. They need sorting and storing in the drawers of the bike part rack. Please don't dump them. - Billy
21. A wooden cabinet thing, no DNH
IMG 2505.JPG
22. A full bike is seeing working order, owner not in the space. No DNH
IMG 2506.JPG
This is Samthetechie's bike. He had it working and rode it home. The bearings died on his way to work. I've put a DNH on it, though he should have shouted the mailing list. - Billy
23. A amp? Belonging to Paddy, no contact to list taken home. cheers paddy! -Akki
IMG 2507.JPG
IMG 2508.JPG
24. A large amount of crap that never gets used, if we can't sort it to store it we don't need it.
IMG 2509.JPG
The red box and the metal bins are moderately well-sorted, containing various useful, good-condition cables from Simon's latest raid. We might want to think about how many to keep, but they shouldn't be lumped in with the tat. -artag
25. A big piece of sponge
IMG 2510.JPG
I think this is related to Hipster's giant chains project. Used to have a DNH sticker on the packaging I think -akki
26. Keyboard
IMG 2511.JPG
I think this was lent to us, for use and not hacking. Russ knows the details. Should not be scrapped. - artag
27. Box, name only, no contact, date or email to listlabel filled in now, should be an email to the list soon -akki
IMG 2512.JPG
28. Guitar amp, no list contact
IMG 2513.JPG
Emailed 20 June. Simon K's emailed me to let me know he's now picked this up (23 June) -akki
29. 'Strobe' belonging to kal, no email, no date, been in the space for months
IMG 2514.JPG
Emailed 20 June. Kal has replied. He'll pick them up tomorrow (21 June) \o/ - akki Just took it out of the space, as promised :D -Kal
30. A snail blower intended for improving the airflow of the kiln fume extraction
IMG 2515.JPG
This was donated by Adam to improve the ventilation for the kiln. It needs installing, but that's on my long and ever-expanding list. - Billy. It's in my box now - AJP