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Fit a extra-wide (900–1000mm) workbench along the south wall of the main are of Unit 24, with a second tier 250–500mm wide above it. This would be 8000–9000mm long.


  • Worksurface - (approximately £170 per 3m, £500 total)
  • Wood baton for supports


At the moment we have various equipment that currently lives somewhere that makes it inconvenient to use, and is non-trivial to move when needed.

This would mean this equipment could be left permanently set up and in a situation where it is fairly easy for users to hook their own computers up to in-place.

We could also mount 1 or 2 monitors on wall brackets along this wall.

The extra wide deskspace would be very useful for work that is easier with more room, at the moment most of the desks are 600&ndash700mm wide. Placing the bench along this walls means we can run the desk right up to the wall the whole way along, whereas at the moment due to the various pipes and cuttings there are gaps, etc. Lovelace could be kept along this wall hooked up to the Makerbot, but Babbage might be better-off moved elsewhere.

At the moment four desks occupy this wall at the moment, however these could be moved to where the old kitchen is. Until that is possible three of them can be dismantled for storage very easily. The Stratasys could be moved in to the hole where the fridge currently is.