Vegetable Crisps

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You could just buy crisps but these are more fun and more of a fire hazard.


  • a deep metal pot
  • Probe thermometer, the kind you can leave in and monitor the temperature
  • Frying strainer thing for scooping out things from super-hot oil
  • Fine wire mesh rack
  • Paper kitchen towel
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Vegetables
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Flavour Powders


  • Clean your vegetables and peel if necessary
  • Use your vegetable peeler to make very thin strips of vegetable. You can further cut these into smaller crisps
  • Pour 1 inch/2.5cm of oil into the pot
  • Heat oil on medium heat to 180C
  • Carefully drop in one small handful of vegetable peelings
  • Watch as the oil will plummet to about 155C
  • Keep watching the vegetables to see if they go brown
  • Take them out either when the oil is back up to about 180C or when they look a little brown, whatever comes first.
  • Drain on the wire mesh then transfer to crumpled up kitchen towel to sop up excess oil
  • Sprinkle with flavour powders and serve

Flavour Suggestions

Generally whatever the flavour powder is will be the "top note" flavour, followed by the crisp flavour.

  • Nutella and Beetroot
  • Butter and Parsnip