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If you want the space to buy something, add it to the list. If you need it urgently you should probably mail the list and prod people. If it's expensive, you may be able to get other interested users to pledge support.


If you can, add an amazon link or equivalent please!


If you provide links, things will arrive quicker. Suppliers are preferred in this order:

  1. Farnell (we have an account with them)
  2. Amazon (next-day with Russ's Amazon Prime account)
  3. Everything else


Feeling generous? Buy us one of these and drop it into the space.

General Office / Facilities

  • Any Sundries we need
  • Variety of permanent felt pens (Sharpies, Marks-a-Lot, Staedtler pens)
  • Dymo 45013 cartridge (A 45013 cartridge contains both substrate and colour tape) for label making
  • And for the other label printer: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=dymo+12mm+4m (probably in office stores)

Computer supplies

  • SATA cables and SATA power cables
  • Thermal paste like Arctic Silver
  • Assorted computer parts and cables like
  • small desktop ethernet switches - must include power supplies!
  • external cases (e.g. usb) for sata drives, 2.5 or 3.5in - we could really do with a universal drive dock or two for people who are fixing or recovering data from dead laptops.
    • a 2.5 SATA USB enclosure delivered to mailbox on 30/9/13. Rage
  • large (2GByte+) fast compact flash cards for network kit
  • CF or SD to SATA or PATA adaptors
  • RAM (Typically DDR, DDR2, and DDR3) > DIMMs 1GB may find a home, less than that don't bother :)
  • HDMI cables
  • HDMI to DVI adapters, to plug things like Raspberry Pis into DVI monitors.

Wood Supplies Missing a lot of wood clamp to do wood quality work. At least four of each will be a good starting point [1] [2] [3]

Sewing Supplies

  • Fabric scissors/tailor's shears (must be marked "do not use for anything except sewing"!!)
  • Sewing accessories (a selection of thread in different colours; box of pins; tailor's chalk or vanish-pen etc etc)

DIY Supplies

  • drill bits, a selection of HSS bits under 5mm. Most of the small ones have been broken. (Selection of HSS up to 3mm have arrived --Simon Hewison (talk) 09:59, 7 March 2016 (UTC))
  • a selection box of metal washers, assorted sizes
  • butane/propane mix gas cans, because inconsiderate people use all the gas and don't buy more.
  • a single basic analogue phone handset (standard bt phone type thing)
  • 3.2 mm HSS drill bit
  • L-bracket (for wall-mount ladder)
  • Quick-clamps
  • Hacksaw + junior hacksaw blades
  • Screwdrivers, large and small [4], [5], [6]
  • Wood saw [7].
  • Coping Saw
  • Bow saw [8]
  • Tenon saw [9]
  • Long extension lead [10] Dropped off last weekend. Last seen on top of the shelves next to the 3in1- Matt
  • Spirit level [11]
  • Some Wet'n'Dry sandpaper for neatening lockpicks
  • Centre punches Someone bought some. On shelf behind minimill.
  • Scribers
    • I bought a set of 5 today; they should be in the space shortly. --Alexp 14:20, 31 March 2011 (UTC)
  • G clamps
    • I bought a large one and dropped it in at the weekend MattP 12:11, 17 January 2011 (UTC)
  • Wheel dresser [12]
    • icbw but isn't that gritty block on a yellow handle near the grinder a weird sort of wheel dresser ?
    • also, the grinder should probably have a notice 'Do NOT use for aluminium'
  • Decent quality helping hands (non-broken, basically)
    • Bought four from CPC (farnell) they're in the electronicsy bit now [Jay]

Electronics Bench Supplies

  • Cans of compressed air
  • Solder braid? Cricklewood electronics have some cheap stuff that works well.
  • Breadboard (any size/shape)
  • Female-female jump leads for electronics projects and buspirates
  • A compass (ideally a beam compass) - I have a spare beam compass. If whoever wanted this confirms it's still wanted, I'll bring it. --Artag 20:56, 13 February 2011 (UTC)
  • A selection of O-rings (that's deliberately non-specific)


  • ATX power supplies, preferably good modern ones with the 24pin connector
  • a good PCI Express graphics card or two
  • High capacity SATA hard drives (at least 500GB).
    • 3x 500GB WD Scorpio Green 3.5" SATA2 HDs delivered to mailbox on 30/9/13. Rage
  • Telephony Items: Polycom SIP conference phones, outdoor intercom/doorbell, more outdoor devices
  • PAL analogue video digitisers
  • VGA-XGA/HDMI projectors and/or projector bulbs
  • VESA screen wall mount assemblies
  • Decent IP webcams (wired or wireless) that can do HTTP/RTSP, USB webcams that can do a decent frame rate may be of interest to some members.
  • 8 port or more gigabit switches
  • 5V Power Supply with adapters [13] (Maplins: £19.99)
  • Gas soldering iron
  • Gas heat gun
  • USB 1-Wire interface and 1-Wire temperature sensors. [14]
  • Lock jaw
  • Socket set [15]
  • Conical drill bits [16]
  • Metal desk vices (We have one, but it's itty-bitty)
  • (Bike) Wheel trueing stand [17]
  • ESR meter
  • LCR meter
    • A £12 chinese cheepy LCR meter would be just as much use for anything anyone is likely to use it for at hackspace. Linked unit is too expensive for what it does. User:Ajp
  • Chainsaw blade for angle grinder Lancelot 22 teeth - SEI-KALO-0022, Angle grinder
  • Arduinos
  • Larger whiteboard (how big could we accomodate). Alternatively a blackboard might be more "green". Purchased 28-03-11 PaulR
  • Bulk purchase of some smaller fixings (socket cap screws etc.). Cheaper in the long run and more choice compared to standard DIY assortments. [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33]
    • I've created a suggested socket-cap order from Fix8. Having just ordered similar stuff from ModelFixings at a far greater per unit cost, I'd be pleased to see such items stocked in the space. The problem with the traditional DIY packs is that the range is limited, and while the variety per pack is ok, the individual quantities are small. So who orders this stuff? --Teabot 20:36, 9 December 2010 (UTC)
    • Working on deciding what we want to stock and developing a good stock-keeping system, may be a while though. Robert 15:52, 29 November 2010 (UTC)
    • Is it worth doing stock-keeping for really low-value items? I'm thinking the value of our time would be more than the cost of the item. (I can see the value of a stock-keeping system for larger items). Suggestion: we add this kind of small item to the Inventory and keep track of them on a per-pack basis. AndyE 16:54, 29 November 2010 (UTC)
    • In a fit of wild enthusiasm I've gone ahead and done that and put it here. AndyE 17:09, 29 November 2010 (UTC)
      • It is not that the items are valuable, but that there are so many different types of each component that it is currently difficult to keep track of what we specifically do and do not have, and it is frustrating when a particular component that should be available is not. An efficient stock keeping system could ensure that component types are reordered in good time, and that is what I am aiming to achieve. Robert 20:08, 29 November 2010 (UTC)
      • We can probably just rely on people complaining :-)
  • Drawing board(s)
  • more whiteboards / blackboards plus pens / chalk
  • A decent USB tablet (Wacom or similar) - Done, check the keyboard box under Lovelace Cadmus (talk)


  • Bench sander
  • PCB through-hole riveter
  • CNC PCB drill (a ShapeOko 2?)
  • CNC conversion kit for the mill.
  • Vacuum former - nothing too large, with hand pump to keep costs low - something like this.
  • Blendtech Blender (for making fine powders and general destruction).
  • Proper band saw [34]
  • Signal generator
  • A decent hi-fi. An amp with DLNA or A2DP would be cool.
  • Ham Radio Equipment - HF Transceiver, ATU, Antennas, power amplifier, HTs
  • Water distiller
  • Dyson Air Blade hand dryers
  • decent burr mill coffee grinder (see Project:Coffee fix)

Over £500

  • Mitre saw [35] sliding double bevel compound mitre has been donated.
  • Computerised sewing machine
  • 3D scanner
  • Multi-layer press (for manufacturing multi-layer PCBs) yeah!
  • Spectrum analyser


See the Components page.

Computer Hardware

  • Currently we are looking for more systems to use as communal systems. See the Communal Systems policy for more info


Things we don't need (we have to conserve space so thanks for the offer, but no thanks).

  • Old CRT monitors or desktop PC's that don't conform to our Communal Systems Policy (but if it's something special, please ask)
  • Network cables - we have far too many atm.
  • floppy drives
  • pata ide drives
  • cables for either above
  • wireless access points (tho some members may be interested in goodish ones that support openwrt).
  • ADSL routers
  • modems
  • Cable modems
  • anything that takes pcmcia cards
  • anything that takes AGP cards
  • anything that takes ISA cards!
  • anything that takes PATA
  • anything that takes SCA

Psychicwishlist (offered)

Got something to donate that isn't yet in the wishlist? Offer it here or on IRC, see if it's needed...
  • Is there room for an industrial sewing machine - probably in the dirty room or the lobby ? I see them come up from time to time and think they'd be useful for tougher projects than a domestic machine can handle (e.g. sewing webbing straps etc.). They're no bigger than a domestic one, but will have a stronger mechanism, very few fancy features, and will usually be mounted in a worktable about 800x500mm.
    • +1 Jakob
  • A large wooden workbench (it is well hidden in the loft - if there is moderate interest I could get dimensions) Andrew Black
    • We certainly want this, can you email the list about it please? --jonty
  • A computer desk Andrew Black
  • Chemistry glassware: 200 soda-lime small test tubes and misc. other pyrex conical flaskes etc. -- 14:26, 22 February 2011 (UTC)
    • The biohackers would love these, email the list about them. --jonty
  • Would a smallish Table Saw come in handy, <1m^2 footprint, takes (I think) 10inch blades? --BytePilot