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Who is this workshop for?

You! It'll be aimed at an intelligent lay audience. No background in biology will be assumed, but we'll still get to cover a decent amount of ground.

What will this workshop cover?

I'm a researcher not a clinician, so the focus would be on what cancer is, what causes it and how it evolves to survive in the body, how current detection technologies and treatments work (and their problems) and what new kinds of treatments are currently in the development pipeline e.g. personalised medicine, nanoparticles, gene therapy, etc.

If there's interest, it could also touch on risk factors and how to manage them, and prevention steps from personal screening to population-wide stuff like the controversy over the HPV / cervical cancer vaccine. It would NOT involve me making any diagnoses or commenting on specific cases, because I'm not a medic.

When will this workshop be?

At 19:30 on Wednesday, 20th April

There's something specific I want to hear about!

I'm not omniscient (yet) but if there's a specific aspect of cancer that you're interested in, add it to this section (or contact me) and I'll try to include it in the talk.

When contacting me, please note that I am NOT a medical doctor, and therefore cannot offer any advice on diagnoses or comment on specific cases.

I want to help!

If you have some relevent background in the field and want to give part of the talk, contact Bugs


..will go up after the talk.