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The Hackspace carries a range of simple, commonly used consumables in stock such as woodscrews, nuts and bolts, or electronic components. As a rule, members can use anything for free, as long as the cost is less than £1. However, if you're using more than £5-£10 worth of components a month, we'd appreciate a donation to cover those costs.

As well as the machine-specific consumables listed for certain items on the equipment page, each area of the space manages it's own list of stock consumables which can be found on the following lists:

Wood Shop General Consumables

Metal Shop General Consumables

Electronics General Consumables

Note that in addition to the stock consumables above - which should be checked and replenished by the space - we also have a few shelves full of miscellaneous hardware and components which we've been given or donated for general use. Members are welcome to rifle through these and take what they need (within reason) for projects.