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Large Items and Projects

We have over 700 members, there isn't enough room for all of them to have a storage box, let alone be able to store items outside of it. So as per Rules 7 and 8:

Only members may store items

If you're not a member, your stuff may be removed, destroyed, or hacked at a moment's notice.

If it doesn't fit in your storage box:

  • You MUST email the mailing list for permission for ANY item or project not fitting in your box before building it or bringing it into the space.
  • Add a "Do Not Hack" sticker to the item. Your full name, email, and removal date are REQUIRED. (Hand written notes do not count.)
  • Don't store items in the space, only bring them in when you will be spending time on the item
  • If you won't work on it for a while please take it away again
  • Once it's finished take the item home

Failing to complete the "Do Not Hack" sticker correctly means your item may be removed from the space.

For more details about bringing items to the space visit

For information about the Hackspace Rules see

If you're uncertain about something, ask on the mailing list