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A lot of hackspacers aren't too keen on being photographed or filmed and London Hackspace's members always come first. We ask that you follow these reasonable rules when taking pictures of people in the space.


If you're just taking images of yourself and your project then there's no need to ask permission. Please make sure that you're not accidentally catching anyone else in the frame.

If you are a member of London Hackspace and you're doing more significant filming or photography for non-commercial use, you can do so but you must:

  1. Tell the mailing list at least a day in advance.
  2. Don't get in peoples' way, and respect their wishes for privacy.
  3. Don't take up too much space.
  4. Preferably do so during off-peak hours (Mon-Friday before 18:00).


If you are not a member of London Hackspace, or if your project is commercial in nature (e.g. commissioned work, or covered by an existing commercial arrangement), these rules apply:

  • You must contact us for permission at least a week in advance before doing any commercial filming or photography.
  • Commercial projects will only be accommodated between the hours of 0800 and 1800, Monday to Friday, as these are our less busy hours.
  • If shooting in the yard, access must be maintained for London Hackspace members at all times, as well as at least three parking bays.
  • Shooting indoors may be subject to further restrictions, as our membership always has priority using our facilities.
  • Our standard rate for filming/photography is £600 per day, or £300 per half-day (less than 5 hours). No VAT is charged.
  • We may issue a discount or waive the fee if your project is deemed to benefit London Hackspace.

To discuss filming/photography at London Hackspace, please email the trustees.