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Tuesday Meeting


Solexious provided hack-your-own cakes - just apply icing! For the more adventurous, he also made Bloody Mary tomatoes, injecting the ingredients with a syringe.

New space

There are rumblings about the possibility of sharing with James Darling's cafe project. If nothing else, it's in a popular location and may have all-day breakfasts.

More spaces will be lined up for visiting next week.


  • Jasper, Jonty and Solexious painted a magnetic (ferrous) blackboard on the stairs wall. This is bound to come in handy.
  • The Makerbot is still broken, awaiting parts from Cap'n Glen.
  • Mark spent far too long getting the archers' phone working and tested downstairs. Only fifteen minutes was wasted when he forgot to plug it in. The phone and card machine have now been successfully migrated downstairs.
  • The espresso machine is now working, although the steamer doesn't make very good foam. We also gained a cafetière, and someone claims we have a grinder.
  • Bob is donating a kegerator, and a fairly constant supply of beer for it.


  • The board is now at version 0.2. Tom Scott made a Javascript font creator (fontifier), bringing the number of languages involved to 3.
  • Ben got his spycam timelapse working, and surreptitiously recorded us on Sunday.
  • Hacking the IM-Me is now an official Hackspace project. Mainly because we have about ten of them and they're cluttering up the place.
  • Russ managed to trip the power when his experimental coilgun exploded.
  • Bob has one axis functioning on the Contraptor-based CNC router. At least two more are promised.
  • The labcoat embroidery sample is finally here, and it looks great.
Labcoat Sample

Events are running a six month study on smart homes, giving tools and equipment to families who otherwise would not make things. They're looking for geeks to help out as advisors for the families, and families to take part. There's a presentation/workshop on Thursday if you're interested. Talk to Jonty or see their website for more information.