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London Hackspace's ultimate governance lies with the elected Board of Trustees. The trustees exist to ensure the long-term health of the space as an organisation.

Although some trustees are also very active members of the community, it isn't the trustees' duty to handle day-to-day running of the space. This is handled by members themselves.


Trustees are responsible for:

  • Making sure that London Hackspace is operating in accordance with its goals.
  • Making sure that we stay on the right side of the law.
  • Ensuring that the organisation is financially healthy.
  • Setting the constitution and rules of the space, in consultation with the members.
  • Formally warning and banning members in accordance with the Grievance Procedure.

Getting In Touch

  • Most trustees lurk on IRC 24/7, see below for a list of nicks.
  • At least one trustee will be around on Tuesdays during the social night (schedule permitting), just ask around for a trustee.
  • You can email
    • Note: this email address is not the best way to get in touch with the community. To contact our members please refer to GettingStarted#Communication.

Becoming a Trustee

Elections for trustees are held yearly. One third of the board places are up for election every year. There is no limit on the number of terms a trustee can serve.

Prospective trustees should be:

  • A respected member of the community.
  • A paid-up member of London Hackspace.
  • Able to spend time in the space on at least two days per month.
  • Able to spend at least three hours per month keeping abreast of current issues on email and IRC.
  • Not disqualified from directorship of a UK company.

Applications from women and other minorities are especially encouraged.

Current Trustees

Name Username Appointed
Russ Garrett russss 2013-12-13*
Charles Yarnold solexious 2012-12-21*
Jonty Wareing jontyw 2011-08-06*
Martin Dittus Martind 2013-12-13*
Philip Roy cepmender 2011-08-06
Paddy Duncan Padski (paddyd on IRC) 2012-12-21
Jasper Wallace JasperWallace 2012-12-21
Clare Greenhalgh MotherDragon 2012-12-21
Sarah Simmonds chixor 2013-12-13

* re-appointed


Name Username Appointed Retired
Alex Smith Alex 2010-07-27 2011-08-06
Robert Leverington roberthl 2010-07-27 2012-12-21
Andy "Bob" Brockhurst b3cft 2010-07-27 2012-12-21
Mark Steward ms7821 2011-08-06 2013-11-28