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* £20 - [[User:Thumper|Ian Henderson]]
* £20 - [[User:Thumper|Ian Henderson]]
* £10 - [[User:Rob Kam|Rob Kam]]  
*<s> £10 - [[User:Rob Kam|Rob Kam]]</s> '''paid'''
* £20 - [[User:CDave|Dave Mansfield]]  
* £20 - [[User:CDave|Dave Mansfield]]  
* £20 - [[User:Cdcooperuk|Colin Cooper]]   
* £20 - [[User:Cdcooperuk|Colin Cooper]]   
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* £20 - [[User:Bit32|Si]]   
* £20 - [[User:Bit32|Si]]   
* £10 - [[User:MartinLee|Martin Lee]]
* £10 - [[User:MartinLee|Martin Lee]]
* £20 - [[User:Tamlyn|Tamlyn]] paid
*<s> £20 - [[User:Tamlyn|Tamlyn]]</s> '''paid'''
Running total confirmed: '''£475'''
Running total confirmed: '''£475'''

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Inventables Shapeoko v2

We are looking at purchasing a Shapeoko v2 for the space from MakerSlide. Pledge opened: 26 October 2013

Pledge leader: Tamlyn

The item

The Shapeoko 2 is a simple, low cost, open source CNC milling machine kits that can be built over a weekend. This is version 2 of the fastest selling CNC machine in the history of the world. There is also further information about the machine, kits, kit contents and other things on this Inventables blog post. The machine as a whole is accurate but needs a good motor/chuck for the flexibility of what cutters can be used.


See this thread on London Hackspace mailing list.

Parts and prices

This table lists the parts necessary to more-or-less replicate the Shapeoko 2 configuration.

Part Source Price
eShapeoko Mechanical Kit (500x500mm) Amber Spyglass £237.50
Dual X axis upgrade Amber Spyglass £24
Aluminium spacers upgrade Amber Spyglass £6.50
NEMA17 stepper motors x 4 Amber Spyglass £62
Arduino Uno Amber Spyglass £17.25
GAUPS Stepper shield Amber Spyglass £19.95
Stepper driver (A4988 green) x 4 Amber Spyglass £40
Delivery ~£9
Sub-total £417

If anyone is able to donate any of the above items, please update the table with your name as the source. If you know of a significantly cheaper source, please update the table too. If it's for the sake of a few pence, I suggest getting it from Amber Spyglass as the guy deserves our support.

Rotary tool options

These are recommended on the Shapeoko forums. Please vote for your preferred option.


  • PSU - would an old laptop supply work?
  • cabling
  • cutting/drilling/grinding bits - someone please suggest specific ones/sets
  • dust collection/extraction

Additional information


Running total confirmed: £475

Approximate target: £475

Target reached! Please pay your pledge amount into the Hackspace account with ref SHAPEOKO then add "paid" next to your name above.

Unconfirmed pledges

These pledges are probably out of date:

  • £20 - Chris Wilkinson
  • £20 - Antaeus Wheatley
  • £20 - Tom Hodder
  • £20 - David Walters
  • £20 - Adrian Godwin

See also