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=== Free ===
=== Free ===
* A [http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23523/20101220-sharp.jpg Sharp PA-W1410] word processor. Old thing, going in the bin otherwise.
Email me if you want any of this:
* Canon CanoScan D1250U2 scanner
* Microsoft joystick (serial port)
== [[User:AndyE|AndyE]]==  
== [[User:AndyE|AndyE]]==  

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If you have anything you no longer want, list it here, either for free, swap or sale. You can also list the things you want.


Sale or Swap

  • DVB-C to firewire thingy
  • DVB-S card


  • A couple of tivos (claimed by glen)


Sale or swap

  • 2x PCI DVB-T cards


  • A Dyson DC-16 handheld vacuum, with a knackered battery and no charger. Or tools.


  • A crappy electric drill, at least 18V


Sale or Swap

  • Misc servers, no disks, Celeron/P4-era, dodgy cases, not proper server-grade things


(For student/community non-profit radio station - Insanity Radio 1287AM, Egham)

  • Any broadcast engineering/studio equipment
  • Microphones, amplifiers, speakers, mixers, any other sound gear
  • Old PCs - anything that can run Linux and make noise

(For me)

  • Magnetic card reader/writer
  • Radios (ham, SW, FM, LW, MW, etc) and radio gear
  • Fibre networking gear (FC HBAs, NICs, switches, disk arrays)
  • Storage equipment - old NAS boxes, tape drives, etc (nothing under 100Gb unless it's something like a 73GB/10kRPM FC/SCSI disk)
  • RC/flight gear (transmitters, receivers, motors, props, ESCs)
  • Hot air rework/temperature controlled soldering iron



  • C/Port and C/Dock for Dell C600 etc. laptops
  • Digital BC17F-10 cable for RL01/02

Sale or swap

  • 3 Motorola XTN446 radios with drop-in chargers. As new.
  • Datron 1051 DVM and 1220 scanner (IEEE-488)
  • Small environmental chamber (heat, cold, but not humidity) ~50l capacity
  • GPS receiver modules Blox RCB-4H (I have a lot of these, and they're linked to a board that can insert the GPS location and some accelerometer data as text into a video overlay. £10)


  • Broken Eee PC for spares, or just an Eee PC 4G (701) keyboard.
  • Electronics testgear, working or not
  • Old calculators, especially hewlett packard


Various stuff that I could bring to the space by arrangement, for temporary use (some of these are heavy and most would require a car trip so not trivial):

  • Testgear - signal generators, DVMs, counters, oscilloscopes, logic analysers, spectrum analysers, LCR measurement, PSUs, current probes etc. Ask if you're looking for something.
  • Mechanical - sheet folder, toggle press, die filer, power hacksaw, grinding vice, scrollsaws, MIG welder, forge/brazing hearth, bar cropper.



  • Pair of hifi speaker stands.



  • Lots of pneumatic gear - 3x 50mm bore 300mm stroke 10 bar cylinders, lots of smaller cylinders, solenoid 3-port valves, 2 carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, 10 bar regulator, 11 bar and 68 bar relief valves, 2l 16 bar buffer tank. None certified/tested, used at collector's risk!
  • 4x Hawker PC680 deep cycle sealed lead-acid batteries, 12V 7Ah if I recall correctly - about 8 years old but kept topped up regularly
  • 0.47 and 0.1 ohm resistors, 200W


  • Revolution counter, the small kind you find in tape recorders.
  • Clockwork motor

alexs (find me on IRC)

Sale or Swap

  • Assembled Peggy2 (RGBW LEDs, no ATMEGA328) (If anyone desperately wants this you can probably have it for free.)
  • Canon EOS-350D + kit lens + Really crappy Sigma telephoto.
  • Various electric drills
  • DeWalt chop saw
  • Pneumatic nailgun + Compressor + Nails
  • GeForce 8800 GTS
  • 20" ViewSonic LCD monitor
  • A Wii.


Some sort of OBD-II adapter. Anything fun.

Teabot / Elliot


  • Cisco 2500 series router, 1 ethernet NTU - about 10 years old
  • 2 sets of car speakers - Pioneer, Goodmans

HaywardGB (find me on IRC)


  • INQ (Three Network) Mobile Phone. Offers please :)


  • T-Mobile USB Broadband Dongle (with pay as you go sim & E Top-up card)



  • PS2 2 port KVM

Daihok (contact via email)


  • 800mhz Mini-ITX Board (parralel port has been removed) (claimed by aden)
  • PSONE LCD SCREEN, I would like this but I can't find your address anywhere, matt@hda1.co.uk
  • N64 + 2 controllers
  • Various size capacitors and resistors
  • TI Regulator x 2 (3.3v and 5v)
  • XBOX 360 mobo + Power Supply + HD Cable (useful for harvesting heatsinks and capacitors?)
  • 100metres of medical grade clear plastic tubing (10m claimed by alexp (creature on IRC))

Alex P (creature on IRC)

For sale or swap

  • IBM Thinkpad floppy drive. Taken from an IBM Thinkpad T20. FRU P/N 05K9206.
  • Western Digital MyBook Pro 500GB. This thing tends to give me I/O errors after it's been mounted for a few days, but it's about a 50/50 chance that's down to my PC's crappy USB handling than the drive. It's got a USB2.0 and Firewire interface, so if nothing else you could use it as a smart new drive enclosure.
  • Brand new Acer keyboard and mouse. Came with my Acer Aspire Revo, but I'm using it as a headless server. Both are white, and still in their packaging. The mouse is optical and has a scrollwheel; the keyboard has that flat-button style that Apple keyboards have these days. It's a little smaller than standard, but not as small as a laptop keyboard. Both are USB devices.
  • Electric guitar. This thing's an undeniable clunker. The action is pretty shit, the electronics could do with a soldering iron to make the connections less dodgy, and the paint job is nasty. It is a body someone rescued from a skip and bolted a new neck to. But! If you wanted a cheap way to try out the guitar, or smash one up without spending too much, or try being a luthier, or just leave it lying around the house to impress girls – this is the guitar for you.


  • 3.5" internal floppy drive.
  • VGA cable.
  • 2x kettle leads (power cables).



Email me if you want any of this:

  • Canon CanoScan D1250U2 scanner
  • Microsoft joystick (serial port)


contact via wiki user talk page


  • Matching pair of bike pedals.


Sale or Swap

  • 120gig external HDD brand new with box

Chris aka Layer1gfx

Sale or Swap

  • old Toshiba Satellite 5100 Laptop (german keyboard)
  • wireless USB German Keyboard
  • bag with cables

Free (for hacking, spares or repair)

  • BARCLAYS PINsentry (not sure if it works)
  • Texas Instruments TI-30 eco RS (some digits are not shown properly)

Free to use for all (but please don't hack)

  • Scanner CanoScan LIDE 30 (USB)


  • WACOM Graphic Tablet (used or new - please make your offer)