Ujima House

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Ujima House in Wembley

Possible new home of London Hackspace, open for hacking from sometime in July 2018 to at least July 2020. At 6000 square feet is (557.4 sq m) across two floors, it reflects an opportunity to use space effectively.

Note that this is not the whole building, we are looking at most of the ground and first floors.

This is the initial wiki page for the space. Lots of Improvements to do is a list of improvements for long-term hacking in the space.

Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan


Ujima House
388 High Road
(Google Map Location)

Lat: 51.5539537 Long: -0.2920435

Current questions

  • What is the broadband availability at the place? Is there fibre already? According to the SamKnows broadband checker, we can get BT Openreach FTTC and FTTP service but not cable-based broadband.

An example check with BT using the address for "Honeypot Nursery, Ujima House, 388 High Road, Wembley, HA9 6AR" we see BT Infinity 2 (76Mbit/19Mbit up) is available. Honeypot Nursery formerly occupied the proposed LHS location and is about 350 feet from the LWWEM Wembley Exchange but may also get service from LWNWEM as well.

  • Where do the Ethernet cables pictured in photos 21 and 'ground floor cabinet' go? Unknown at this time - we'll need to trace where they go in our next visit.

Crime risk

The London Hackspace is located on Wembley's busy High Road which is known to have a high bike theft rate. If you are planning to bring a bike it is recommended you lock it in the car park, for which we can provide access. Cable locks - even thick ones - are an invitation to bike thieves. It's safer to use a D-lock or separate lock and chain.

Please remember that the London Hackspace is a public environment, especially on Open Evenings, and you should exercise common sense in looking after and securing your valuables.


Access is still being determined. We need to be mindful for both the needs of the members and the tenants on the other floors.

Local Area

  • There are several cashpoint/ATMs within two blocks west of Ujima House.
  • Many restaurant and takeaway options nearby
  • Many transport options nearby such as
    • National Rail, London Overground and London Underground Stations: Wembley Stadium, Wembley Central, Wembley Park
  • There are many nice Pubs close by:



Many hotel options exist very close by with low-priced accommodations to luxurious environs. Don't sleep at the space when you can cheaply snooze nearby!

  • Green Man Hotel & Pub - low cost accommodations (as mentioned) - 3 star
  • St George's Hotel Wembley - 4 star
  • Euro Hotel Wembley & bar - 2 star
  • ibis London Wembley Hotel - 3 star
  • Premier Inn London Wembley - 3 star
  • Best Western Plus London Wembley - Hip budget lodging with Italian Dining - closest to Ujima House

Food and Shopping


  • Dosa Express - Cash-Only South Indian Vegetarian Takeaway. Very good reviews.
  • Young's Peking - Chinese Restaurant
  • Karahe Queen - Indian Restaurant
  • Mushroom Italian Restaurant
  • Cerbul Romanesc Romainian Restaurant
  • Pizza Hut, Dominos, KFC all within 5 minute walk and McDonalds slightly further
  • Tesco Express & Tesco Metro nearby


  • Poundland There are two branches directly opposite each other so no need to cross the road to get your goodies.
  • Sam's 99p Store
  • London Scrap Cable - might be interesting to pick up bulk cable on its way to be recycled
  • TK Maxx
  • Wilko has DIY and other options
  • Durga Timber Europe may be helpful for wood projects
  • Tesco Metro, Tesco Express, and many other supermarkets
  • CeX - Computer Exchange - used laptops, mobiles, and games
  • EE / Three / Vodafone and all of the other independents all have retail presence on Wembley High Road