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Space Allocation

Maybe about a 1/4 of the yard?


We're going to meet on the 12th at the space warming party to see what mix of skills & commitment we've got.

Sarah's proposal for a Hydroponics Veggie Garden


Plants inside the space

On the window sill in the craft area near the laser cutter we've got:

  • Some cacti
  • Some sunflower seeds which are germinating atm
  • 2 x spider plants
  • 3 pots planted with fairly random seeds that Jasper had left over, some of: nasturtiums, large blue poppys, sweet pea's of a few kinds, mixed wildflowers. Most said "Plant by 2012" so I don't know how many will germinate, will probably need splitting up and planting out if they do germinate



  • BBQ
  • pots
  • planters
  • raised beds
  • soil
  • compost
  • plants
  • etc…

If we're doing hydro/aqua

  • grow lights
  • pumps
  • tanks etc.
  • tarpaulin (for a pallet base vertical garden like here)
  • plastic bottles for hanging garden (either this or this)


Link dump