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Name:Eugene, aka Mentar

Date joined: April 2012

Bio: Another robotics hacker. Like sustainable technologies and business "hacking".

Current Projects

  • NONE, moved to SF!

Future Projects (up for collaborating!)

  • Tri-copter VTOL UAV codename: Tiamat
  • Rho a robot designed to help teach upcoming young hackers coding and robotics.
  • Garden care/monitoring system for the green finger challenged!
  • Make a funky yet functional Kombucha vat for hackspace to replace that horrible tasting Club Mate

Past Projects

Stuff of interest

  • Once I get around to putting a 3d printer together I want to give a bash at Rostock
  • Loving this DIY micro table saw great for cutting PCBs and small robotics parts

Rapid order

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