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Tri-rotor UAV drone

Still from concept video of the craft in VTOL configuration
VTOL configuration
Still from concept video of the craft in lateral flight configuration
lateral flight configuration

At uni I was thinking about different multi rotor copter configurations and what's the most efficient number of thrusters to give the aircraft more maneuverability and long distance flight efficiency.


I came to the conclusion that as long as you can vary the thruster direction with regards to each other (directly or through a base) you can maneuver in any direction, so essentially 2 will be fine and the likes of the V22 Osprey use this concept already. However of one thruster malfunctions you lose control completely. So ideally you'd need a 3 rotor configuration. That way if one dies then as long as your thrusters can produce a third more torque that required to fly the drone you should still be able to land the drone safely.

  • concept video [1]
  • Video of PID control for following waypoints[2]


  • Managed to get hold of some of the motors and speed controllers at the space
    • There was a conduit built quadcopter on top of the Logic Analyzer with no "Do not hack" sign on it, after asking on IRC and the mailing list for the owner I got no response as to who owns it is so I'm putting it to good use! However I can put it back together if need be. Please see rules 7 and 8!