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28 March 2012 Note by Mark

We've been seeing packet loss to the modem ( for a while, up to 15%. This is not due to the loss in Be's network (rarely more than 1-2%), although it does affect traffic to the internet out and back (almost doubling up), and it doesn't appear on any other interfaces. Tonight, loss went up to 35%, presumably due to it being knocked. Jasper replaced the cable with a longer one as he's "seen machines that work badly with short cables - the older soekris machines used to (ethernet hardware bug)". Packet loss is now around 5%, which is manageable. If it gets bad again, try playing with the connectors.

27 Oct 2012 Note by Jasper

(Oops forgot there was a logbook).

  • The network bandwidth meter is now attached to church.
  • in the process I edited the firewall rules and github is now out of date
  • I need to fix this.