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The wiki has grown over the last few weeks to hundreds of daily edits. Robert has done a lot of work to recategorise pages and add templates, which should make finding stuff easier.

This is the place for comprehensive information, although if you need authoritative, up-to-date information, check on IRC. As always, if you see something wrong, fix it.


  • We received an arcade machine from popey
  • We received a vinyl cutter from tomwardill
  • Bob installed his kegerator (pumps will be investigated on Tuesday)
  • Russ made a metal extruder for the makerbot, and Kal installed it


Robert added an inventory, which can now be kept up to date with equipment.


We got Robots! Thanks to Liz for a very apt mural.


Tom Scott built a rat maze from plywood and gaffa tape. Sol brought his rats to be put in it. Not entirely sure what the whole endeavour was about but Tom will probably post about it soon.


Ciarán learnt how to use the sewing machine and made a spanner-wrap thingy. Thanks to Tamsin and Lester for teaching him.

Makerbot Upgrade

Russ has machined, with our lathe, a new all-metal ("all the time!") extruder head for the Makerbot. Hopefully this will solve whatever problems are plaguing the Makerbot.


Bob's beer taps were christened at the Tuesday public evening with Russ trying the first pint. We now have beer on tap!