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Sketch of the layout

This pledge is for a table for our Staubli industrial robot arm and the immediate area around it.

Pledge leader: mentar


  • 16-OCT-2014: Welding of frame started (Thanks Dean). Top frame complete


On 7th June 2013 we were donated an industrial grade Staubli robot arm. Since then we reverse engineered it, pledged for a cable which we made at less than a 10th of the cost and on 29th of April, after a lot of work, we managed to get our first successful cut (video). We now need a table to create a safe working area to allow those who want to use for arm for whatever purpose, be it CNCing, 3D printing, 3d scanning or innovative (and safe!) uses.

Moar Details

We plan to

  1. build a wooden frame, out of 2"x2"
  2. screw a plywood table top on top of it, made from two sheets of ply butted together
  3. glue (or screw from below) a single 2mx2m sheet of plastic coated chip board on top, to form the final table surface. The ply provides stability and strength. The plastic coated chipboard provides a flat, level surface to work on.
  4. add a kitchen worktop on the perimeter of the room for other CNC machines, desktops and tools. We plan to use some of the numerous table legs that we have lying around in the corner.

The wood frames are cheap and easy to make. We could use metal, but that is more difficult to cut and requires welding.

Rough costs :

  • 2x2 plastic coated chipboard = £65
  • 2 x sheets 18mm ply = £24 (£12ea)
  • 8 x 2.4m 44x44 timber = £35
  • Bag of 3.5" wood screws = £10 (pk of 100)
  • 2 x 3m kitchen worktop surfaces = £100 (£50ea)

Total estimate = £235


  • £20 - Mentar PAID
  • £20 - Padski PAID
  • £20 - Salman PAID
  • £50 - Jon PAID
  • £10 - Stephen L PAID
  • £10 - bmsleight PAID
  • £20 - Mr Ed PAID
  • £10 - Phil PAID
  • £10 - yopero PAID
  • £20 - David Murphy PAID
  • £10 - Velyks PAID
  • £15 - Jasper PAID
  • £10 - tgreer PAID
  • £20 - artag PAID
  • £10 - David Popeck

Paid: £245 of £255

Target achieved! Please pay in your pledges into the hackspace(viewable on the donation page) account and make sure to use the reference ROBOTTABLE, once paid please mark them as PAID above. Thanks