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USB Disco Dance Floor
Created 2011-03-31
Members DMI
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The aim of this project is to create a USB-controlled, Arudino-powered 70's-style disco dance floor, inspired by a similar project by a student at MIT. It will act as a modular, low-resolution RGB display. Each pixel will be 6-8" per side, and it will come in 4x4-pixel modules that can be connected together.

The board, firmware, and software will (of course) be open-sourced.


Each pixel will be referred to as a cell, and each self-contained block of 4x4 pixels will be referred to as a module.


  • Version 1 of the project is currently at the prototype stage (as of 2011-04-04). More information can be found on its page.
  • Version 2 of the project is a planned future enhancement, to include UV as well as RGB in the display, and the ability to sense pressure on the surface.