Recurring Events

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We have several regular events that occur in the space:

Current Meetings

Using the space for regular meetings

The procedure is pretty much the same for planning an event so please read that guide as well! Note that we currently have a pretty full program of regular events (not to mention one-offs), and we want to leave enough time for event-free periods.

If you would like to hold regular meetings this is what you should do:

  1. Organise a few one-off events before you commit to a regular schedule, this will help establish the requirements for your event, and demonstrate its usefulness to the community.
  2. Contact the List with a proposal for a regular event, please include:
    • Who (members only, a pre-existing group, how many people, will there be children etc)
    • What (quadcopters? chicken combusters anonymous? will you need special equipment?)
    • When (time, day, and how often)
    • Any other details
  3. The list will then provide advice on whether we think it's suitable and whether anything should be adjusted. Once a consensus is reached you can put your even in our calendar.
  4. Run it!