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This electronics meetup ran regularly from 2012 to 2016 and relaunched late 2018

Not Just Arduino
When Alternate Thursdays, from 19:00

Informal user group meeting every 2 weeks for people who want to learn, share and experiment electronics and microcontrollers. Beginners welcome. Have a question about the group? Check our FAQ. If you need to contact us, ask Nick Reynolds, Francis Corsbie or just ping our mailing list.

Past demos, events and workshops documentation

Minimalist Arduino

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Projects will include: James' Valentineduino, Flashing LED's Strips (linked to doorbell), Office Status Monitor, New edge-lit NJA badge A colorduino running some swanky animation, Danny's robots, Faraz's Etch a Sketch, Lucia's Capacitive's Cube... Plus we are very lucky to be joined by Clara Diana who is a hybrid designer of many amazing projects. She's in London for a couple days and agreed to showcase her new project during our open day: a children's book that explains the process of 3D printing through a friendly story and then offers files online that can be downloaded and 3D printed, might be a good addition to make our event family-friendly.

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Reports on past meetups

Arduino Clone workshop
Event Number Agenda Event Number Agenda Event Number Agenda
1 8th October 2012 11 11th March 2013 21 12th August 2013
2 22nd October 2012 12 25th March 2013 22 26th August 2013
3 5th November 2012 13 8th April 2013 23 9th September 2013
4 19th November 2012 14 6th May 2013 24 23rd September 2013
5 3rd December 2012 15 20th May 2013 25 7th October 2013
6 17th December 2012 16 3rd June 2013 26 21th October 2013
7 14th January 2013 17 17th June 2013 27 4th November 2013
8 28th January 2013 18 1st July 2013 28 18th November 2013
9 11th February 2013 19 15th July 2013 29 2nd December 2013
10 25th February 2013 20 29th July 2013 30 16th December 2013
31 30th December 2013

After 30th December 2013 we stopped reporting on each individual events but feel free to add your own notes.

Arduino Clone workshop

Common Project

Common Project is a new idea to give more space to the attenders and involve them into a specific project. These projects can be something very simple to help people understand what Arduino can do or whatever they think is more important to learn. The idea is to decide one Common project at the NJA meetup, split it in different group and then in the end of the day ( or deadline ), try to merge everything in one block of code!

Current project:

Past projects: Common Project - Xmas 2013


Our members would like to hear about these topics. If you want to come talk to the group or if you are just interested into attending a session please add your name on the page. So far we have 2 speakers who volunteered on Accelerometers and Low-level ATMEGA overview.

Training and Skills offered


Skills that the group has or are happy to share.

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Members Projects

Please list here your projects using micro-controllers here (if you're project is listed here, please update the status and info!)

  • Laser tag game - A multiplayer game of laser tag, utilising infra red transmitters and receivers (think TV remote control), water pistols (gutted and internals replaced with electronics...and lasers.)
  • LEDLightCubeFamily - A set of 3 (or more) LED driven light cubes that communicate over RF, respond to sound/music and can adjust their colour via accelerometer driven tilt. --Bradwood (talk)

Previous/Incomplete Projects

Please clean up this section -- move your active projects under the above heading or delete those no longer relevant.

  • Harry Potter Clock - A christmas gift for my girlfriend, uses Arduino, Raspberry Pi and a USB modem to 'magically' point to where I am. It's finished now but I wrote up my experiences and the design of it on my website if anyone's interested in reading about it and learning from my mistakes! (Alastair)
  • Sousvide Water Bath - Precision water heater using PID controller (Deanforbes)
  • Kinect Robotic Arm - with 3D "Vision" - Have Arduino and Raspberry Pi control a robotic arm and have input from Microsoft Kinect's infrared depth sensor to guide the arm to pick stuff User:Ulisses
  • Build a simple ethernet driven relay (2x) - anyone wanting to join in is welcome, we will learn the basics as we go along User:Dariomolinari
  • With basic electronic-circuit training (printing, etching, soldering), would eventually like to build a Nanode User:Dariomolinari
  • 1-wire iButton decode User:Dariomolinari
  • Object detection - begin with RFID and then go on to explore other options with longer ranges (Kieron)
  • I attempted to interface a microcontroller and a timed mains outlet and let out the blue smoke - it's on my User page. User:TheHypnotist
  • Build a self-balancing robot example- anyone who wants to join is welcome (Riccardo)
  • Motion-sensing greeting bot (brendan)
  • remote-controlled hot air balloon/zeppelin (Qpnaosc)
  • 434Mhz RTTY transmitter Transmits text over the air and is picked up by software defined radio, would like some help with taking it further.


  • Using AVR-GCC, Make and AVRDude i.e. progamming Arduino's using C instead of being reliant upon the Arduino IDE.
  • Using hardware programmers.
  • Graphical Programming for Arduino see "Interesting Links"

Recommended Reading

The Hackspace library has some decent Arduino books:


but please add here suggestions.

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Interesting Links

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