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This is a "wish list" of topics our members would like to hear about. If you want to come talk to the group or if you are just interested into attending a session please add your name on the page. The format is up to you, it could be a very short presentation or a more hands-on demo. Sessions are open to everyone.

Below are a few examples of topics about power control and design in low voltage circuits, I'm sure some of them overlap. Feel free to add more talks and leave some comments.

Talks Speaker Interested Comments
The mathematics of electronics, Watts, Ohms, Farads, Coulombs, Amperes, Volts Paul Maidment, Bradley Wood, Matt Wheeler, James Cadman Ohms law; resistors, capacitors in series and parallel; Kirchhoff's laws, Power equations.
How to measure, control and limit current Paul Maidment| Bradley Wood, James Cadman This is quite a big area: from basic resistor usage, to transistors, mosfets, relays, triacs, etc. Might be worth splitting out into sub-sections. -- Bradwood (talk)
How to design for the power requirements of your circuit/project Paul Maidment| Bradley Wood, James Cadman .
How to design your project for lower power usage Paul Maidment| Bradley Wood, James Cadman .
How to reduce power consumption via programming (applies to most microcontrollers) Paul Maidment| Bradley Wood, James Cadman would be nice to cover the ATMEL's uC's SLEEP capabilities. -- Bradwood (talk)
OpAmps -- what they are, with practical examples Bradley Wood, James Cadman .
Wearables 101 ? Bradley Wood, James Cadman Lilypad, Flora, handling conductive materials, power, etc
Filter circuitry -- what they are and why you might want one Bradley Wood, James Cadman Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, etc, etc.
Accelerometers -- tips and tricks for dealing with them Bradley Wood Bradley Wood, James Cadman Setting range and frequency. Calibration. High or Low pass filtering. Sensing tap, tilt, freefall, etc, etc. Accelerometers in the context of other IMUs and DoFs. Sensor Fusion. Kalman filters
Low-level ATMEGA overview Mentar (not expert, just using it for the robot arm) Bradley Wood, James Cadman Timer0, 1, etc. Interrupt Pins, and writing ISRs, Hardware overview and onboard capabilities (i2c, spi, pwm, etc, etc). Interesting registers, how you might manipulate them, and why. Basically -- a synopsis of the ATMEGA328P data sheet in a nice digestable format.