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Training will be determined by the needs of the user group meetings.

Members of our group offer mentoring, though we might find some kind of trade system (skill-share, beers, travel-cost...). We need to be able to provide a mentor during sessions to help those who have difficulty getting off the ground - without tying the mentors up too much. Beginners will help each other and when progress will take over some part of the training.

Please add your name or update the page

Name Electronic Skills Programming Skills Platform Prepared to mentor
Bradley Wood Basic Intermediate Arduino UNO, Pro Mini, et al, MacOSX Yes
Mentar Analogue-basic, Digital-medium Arduino, C, C++, S4A Arduino, AVR, PIC Yes
Paul Maidment Basic Advanced (Software Engineer) ATMega328 and dev boards. Linux/Raspberry Pi Yes
Robert Basic Basic C Arduino UNO
TheHypnotist Analogue-basic, Digital-medium C mostly now os/Linux ARM/Atmega328/MSP430 Yes
Ulisses Basic Advanced (C like)
Shane Basic basic C, Will try
TimS Basic C, Make ATMega326 (AVR) Yes
Riccardo Basic Arduino, Programming, Basic C, Arduino Can try
brendan Basic Very basic Arduino Can try
Dave KISS digital, copy analogue Good C, C++; Arduino, AVR Sure