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Not Just Arduino 17th June


This project is to design an LED-driven light cube family based on a Arduino Pro Mini


Our members would like to hear about these topics. Please add your names whether you'd like to attend or give a talk so we can arrange a session. The page is here. Also do let us know if you want to briefly demo a project you're working on.


  • Future Makers Day at RSA

Join The RSA & The Comino Foundation for a day-long interactive showcase and celebration of making. when: 19th June all day - where: The Old Post Room, Somerset House

  • Free workshops at London Mini Maker Faire

As you know London’s first Mini Maker Faire will take place at the London College of Communication on the 6th July 2013. The list of (free) electronics workshops has just been published grab a ticket while you can.

News for the NJA GitHub

We have now a Github organisation: Not Just Arduino to centralise documentation about all NJA projects. For some reason on GitHub all users can't request to join a group but have to be added by a owner, so please send us your username! Then you'll be able to add your repos and code! Tell us if you need help.

Added project:

  • HackSpace Robotics Development Platform by Mentar.

A robotics project aiming to build a robotic platform for hackers to play around with higher level functions and make the robot do cool things.

NJA Community

  • Lear how to use this wiki! If you need help ask Marc. Documentation is available here.
  • It is time to simplify and update the NJA wiki page. Some work has been done since last session but we need every member's help to update their project details and add relevant info.
  • Document your project! Here is a good example

We now use Twitter to promote our events, host our pictures on Flickr, and announce events on Lanyrd and eventbrite to bring more members and visitors:

Interesting projects

Simple or inspiring projects, add yours in the comments section.

Arduino/MaxMSP Midi Control System

This video documents the process followed by MID studio and Ferroluar to build a UFO Robot, a self-propelled vehicle that combines recycled materials, mechanics and bespoke hardware and software. The Robot reaches 5 metres tall when lifted on top of the UFO. Its aesthetics pay homage to early Sci-Fi and 1950's japanese robots.

Giving an RC tank a fire control computer

The ultimate 100% Arduino Due compatible dev board with Wifi and Mesh networking, Audio, USB OTG, and 99 i/o pins!

Tools for the language of things

Designs and tests a paintball firing drone.

Control the movements of a live cockroach from your own mobile device! This is the world's first commercially available cyborg!

TACTILU is a research project embracing remote haptic/tactile communication. TACTILU takes a form of a bracelet capable of transmitting the touch between two individuals via bluetooth and internet connection provided by the smartphones.

BrickPi is a system that converts Raspberry Pi into a robot. The project is a board and case that connects LEGO® Mindstorms Sensors, motors, and parts to turn your credit card size computer into a robot. The BrickPi allows you to connect up to 3 NXT Motors and 4 Sensors. It has a 9V battery power source that powers the motors, sensors, and Raspberry Pi, un-tethering the Pi from the wall. Finally, it has a sturdy case with holes that snap with LEGO parts.The brains of a Raspberry Pi joined with the LEGO building system.

Manage HVAC Devices such as air-conditioning, heating, ventilation and thermostats from the Cloud

Conversations on mailing list

“Alternative to IDE/toolchain solution. The editor is Sublime Text 2 -- it is nothing short of amazing -- see and (it even has vim-emulation for the hard-core Unix H@x0Rs out there). And then STINO (Sublime Text arduINO) which is the good bit:

I read this today in my twitter. Interesting way to connect with arduino and to send commands.

Something I found very interesting. Your experiment in the space thanks to Infinity Aerospace and their Ardulab. Here the link:


Next event

Hope to see you all on Monday 1st July 7PM