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Tecan Genesis RMP 200
Model Robotic Microplate Platform
Sub-category Biohacking
Status Dismantled
Last updated 11 February 2017 16:10:58
Training requirement NA
ACnode NA
Owner Biohackers
Origin Donation
Location NA

Tolland, Sam Thompson

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"The Genesis RMP is intended for fully automated processing of 96-well microplate based ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay) and ELISA-like tests, starting from sample pipetting and ending with result reading."

plate handling; {{#ev:youtube|r8YO5M5jVko}}

liquid dispensing



This is a liquid handling robotics platform kindly donated to us by Alan Sawyer of Paratope.

The hardware and software is no longer supported, (and the gui is pretty horrible, (win$ only) so the plan is to understand the wire protocol so we can control is from a raspberry pi.


It was primarily used in monoclonal antibody production but can be used for any kind of high throughput assay and development work possibly in non biotech type applications too. There is also the potential to adapt it further with other manipulators to make use of the arms 3 axis of motion and relatively large platform working area.

Here's the front of the robot: Robotfrontfuzzy.jpg

and a look at the side panel: Robotpanels.jpg

The top control panel has an RS232 DB25 port plus a few CANbus DB9 ports: Robotpanel1.jpg

The lower panel has a few other control ports of a different format, I need to lean more about these: Robotpanel2.jpg

Next step is to read the manuals, installing software on a spare system (apparently needs to be Windows NT/2000 :( lol) and seeing if it will run.